Bilberry AREC-Gold Vision Formula

Builds on the Aged-Related Eye Disease Study 2 (AREDS2) formula

Contains premium branded ingredients Mirtoselect®European Bilberry Extract

Includes rich amount of anthocyanins, effectively relieving eye fatigue and dryness, and promoting visual acuity
Provides anti-oxidative support, preventing free-radicals from harming the eyes

3 times the amount# of the premium patent ingredient ™FloraGLO Lutein Extract

Includes rich amount of lutein and zeaxanthin
Able to filter harmful blue light from digital devices and maintain macular health

Also contains Eyebright Extract

Moisturizes and provides rapid relief from pink eye

#Compare with Bilberry Eye Bright Extract

Trace the Origins
™FloraGLO Lutein Extract

Extracted from Indian marigold, purified and refined with advanced technology

No.1 lutein brand recommended by doctors in the U.S.

90 clinically proven studies and documentation

Mirtoselect® European Bilberry Extract 

Extracted from authentic European Bilberries

Identified by HPLC technology, ensuring each capsule contains anthocyanin at a standardized level of 36%

Clinically proven studies and documentation supporting eye care efficacy

Mirtoselect® European Bilberry Extract

Extracted and purified from authentic European Bilberries, Mirtoselect® contains four times the amount of anthocyanin than that of artificial cultivated blueberries#, effectively improving eye-sight.

Traceable Clinical Study

Mirtoselect® European Bilberry Extract is clinically proven to improve eye visions, relieve eye fatigue and discomfort*.

#Kalt.W et al. (1999) Anthocyanin content and profile within and among blueberry, P. 617-623

*Kaijimoto al. Scient. Rep. Collect. 19:1,1998

For Severe Eye Degeneration Symptoms
Powerful formula to alleviate eye degeneration

Suitable For:

Aged 45+

Have had eye surgery

Experience visual deterioration

See small black dots, shadows, or distortion