Bilberry Eye Formula

Features 6 eye-care ingredients

Contains premium branded ingredients™FloraGLO Lutein Extract

Includes rich amount of lutein and zeaxanthin, able to filter harmful blue light from digital devices
Natural ingredients for better absorption

Specially added another branded ingredient Mirtoselect® European Bilberry Extract

Contains anthocyanin to effectively improve eye vision and relieve eye dryness

With 4 other natural eye-care ingredients

Added in life’sDHA™ Algae DHA, Eyebright Extract, Grape Seed Extract & Zinc
Effectively get rid of pink eye, relieve eye fatigue caused by long hours on digital device, and promote visual acuity

Trace the Origins
Mirtoselect® European Bilberry Extract

Extracted from authentic European Bilberries

Anthocyanin amount is four times higher than artificial cultivated blueberries1

Identified by HPLC technology, ensuring each capsule contains anthocyanin at a standardized level of 36%

Clinically proven studies and documentation supporting eye care efficacy

™FloraGLO Lutein Extract

Extracted from Indian marigold, purified and refined with advanced technology

No.1 lutein brand recommended by doctors in the U.S.

90 clinically proven studies and documentation

1. Kalt.W et al. (1999) Anthocyanin content and profile within and among blueberry, P. 617-623

™FloraGLO Key Nutritions

Branded ingredient ™FloraGLO Marigold Extract contains rich amount of lutein and zeaxanthin, which can effectively increase the concentration of lutein in the macula area, filter harmful blue light from digital devices#, protect the cells of the macula and maintain visual clarity.

#Tian, Y. et al. (2015), Arch, Biochem. Biophys.572, 49-53

Traceable Clinical Study

™FloraGLO Marigold Flower Extract provides rich lutein ingredient. Participants took 10 milligrams of lutein daily for 12 months and proved to be effective in alleviating eye degeneration.

*Tian Y, Kijlstra A, van der Veen RLP, Makridaki M, Murray IJ, et al. (2013) The Effect of Lutein Supplementation on Blood Plasma Levels of Complement Factor D, C5a and C3d. PLoS ONE 8(8): e73387.

6 Premium Natural Ingredients Formula
Basic Eye Care for Young People

Suitable For:

Aged 12-30+

Frequently have eye fatigue & dryness

Long hours on digital devices

Contact lens users

Have pink eye with irritations