Children’s Milk Calcium formula (Zinc added*)

Quality, Safety,

CATALO Children’s
Milk Calcium Formula (Zinc Added*)


Formulated with branded TruCal®

Unique formula with 7 essential minerals
Nearly identical to human bone structure

Added chelated zinc

Support bone development and boost immunity

Rich in Calcium and with a balanced mineral profile

Produce a synergistic effect that maximizes nutrient absorption in children

 Trace the Origins

The official USDA grade A shield

 Dairy cows housed in a safe and pure environment

Natural and pollution-free milk source

No added hormones

TruCal® Key Minerals

TruCal® is a pure food source of bone health nutrients that contains 7 key minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and etc. The mineral composition is nearly identical to human bone structure for better absorption.

Traceable Clinical Study

TruCal® is clinically proven to boost bone tensile strength

According to a clinical study conducted by Glanbia nutritionals, Inc., the TruCal® group had a significantly higher bone tensile strength compared to the calcium carbonate group.

* Reference: Ward, L. Ph.D. 2007, ‘TruCal® Milk Calcium significantly increases bone strength and improves bone biomarkets in vivo’, Glanbia Nutritionals, Inc.

Store Calcium from a Young Age

Build a Strong Health Foundation for Your Kids

Suitable For :

Children aged 1 or above

Concerned about bone and teeth health

Children in the growing stage

Poor absorption of nutrients

Imbalanced diet and lack of exercise